Wimbledon 2022 LIVE RESULTS: Rafael Nadal WITHDRAWALS after abdominal injury, Kyrgios WALKOVER to final, Jabeur history

‘I’m very sad’

Q. Did you make the decision mainly because you don’t think you can compete in a semi-final against Nick Kyrgios or because you’re worried that playing will make the injury much worse?

RAFAEL NADAL: I made my decision because I don’t think I can win two games under these circumstances. I cannot serve. Isn’t just that I can’t serve at the right speed, it’s that I can’t do the normal movement to serve.

I have to say that, imagine I win two matches, and out of respect for myself somehow, I don’t want to go out, not be competitive enough to play at the level I need to play to reach my goal achieve, and with a good chance of making things much worse, right?

Honestly, a few weeks ago I saw my career very difficult due to the foot injury. Now things are better in that case. Those are the most dangerous things that could end my tennis career today, thinking things will definitely get better that way.

As I’ve always said, happiness is more important to me than any title, even though everyone knows how much effort I’ve put into being here. But I can’t risk that game and be out of the competition for two, three months, because that’s going to be a difficult thing for me.

When that happens, it does, but not because I wasn’t doing things the right way. That is my decision and I have to live with it. I can’t say anything else. I am very sad and have had a very hard time.

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