What it means when you dream that your hair is falling out: 13 interpretations

We have all had dreams or nightmares from which we have awakened, shocked and unsure whether what we dreamed was real. Whether it’s dreams about dying, losing your teeth, or other common dreams that plague us, we definitely want to know what these dreams mean.

Another common dream is that your hair is falling out. It can fall out strand by strand, in clumps, or you can even imagine yourself bald. Regardless of the circumstances, there are deeper meanings behind this dream and issues that you may face in your waking life.

What does it mean when you dream that your hair is falling out?

In general, dreaming about her symbolizes your confidence in real life, worry about your health and the fear of losing control and your authority. Hair in a dream can also represent the fear of losing loved ones.

To dream of losing hair symbolizes loss of control, fear of aging, stress and health problems. Other dream interpretations of hair loss are related to transformation, sensuality, betrayal, the death of a loved one and feelings of inferiority.

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“Hair, because it falls out of your head, can represent ideas or attitudes, or change. But hair can also represent power, as it does in the Bible story of Samson,” says Greg Mahr, MD, psychiatrist, author of “The Wisdom of Dreams,” and director of Consultation Liaison Psychiatry at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit. because hair continues to grow after death, it can have a sacred, spiritual quality of eternity.”

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