Weather follower: heat wave moves north through Europe | Europe

Europe is entering another significant heat wave this week, with the possibility of some record-breaking temperatures.

Sweltering heat has already hit Iberia in recent days, with temperatures 4-5C above the seasonal norm, leading to temperatures above 40C (104F). For the rest of this week, the heat is likely to intensify to around 7C above average, with highs hitting 46-47C in Seville, for example.

As low pressure develops towards western Europe, this intense heat over Iberia will move north through France, possibly reaching the UK by the weekend, as well as blowing east into much of central Europe. Highest temperatures are likely to rise above 40C this weekend in parts of France, Germany and even the Low Countries. If the heat does indeed reach the UK, the all-time temperature record of 38.7°C set in Cambridge in July 2019 is at risk of being broken.

It is unusual that as heat continues throughout Western Europe, temperatures in parts of the central and eastern Mediterranean will also rise to about 10°C above normal, exceeding 40°C in Italy and the Balkans. . By next Monday, temperatures could well be significantly above the seasonal norm in central, southern and western Europe, with heat wave conditions widespread.

There are often strong atmospheric equilibriums and, to counteract the heat across much of Europe later this week, Scandinavia and northeastern Europe will be more restless, with temperatures a few degrees below the seasonal norm, although this looks set to be the case. looks like it will be short-lived.

Meanwhile, the Indian monsoon is bringing heavy rainfall to many parts of the country, with central areas experiencing the worst flooding. The Indian Meteorological Department has already instituted red alerts, indicating that more than 200mm (8in) of rain could fall in 24-hour periods. Forecast models suggest that further downpours and thunderstorms for much of the next week could exacerbate flooding in these areas, including Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat.

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