TV host Erin Molan is spotted with mystery man after divorce from husband

TV host Erin Molan has been spotted with a mystery man at an event in Canberra.

Todd Selby was spotted next to Ms Molan at a book launch for her father Jim Molan at Parliament House in Canberra on Wednesday, before the pair stopped to pose for a photo together.

Recently welcomed to Sky News with her show ‘Erin’, the mum-of-one told media earlier this year that she was ready to share more about herself and her private life.

Ms Molan confirmed she met someone special in May after revealing she was back on the dating scene earlier this year following her shocking breakup with financial Sean Ogilvy in September 2021.

The 39-year-old told the Hughesy, Ed and Erin radio show that she was happy with her new husband, but that dating a child was “complex.”

The pair were pictured together when Mr Molan launched his new book Danger on our Doorstep at Parliament House.

“These are still early days. It’s actually a lot of fun. I think anyone who’s been in a long-term relationship, when it ends — especially if you have kids — goes through some sort of phase where you don’t know if you’ll ever meet someone again,” she said.

“But it’s wonderful when you meet someone who makes you feel worthy, special and important. It’s a beautiful thing and I’m very lucky.”

The presenter also revealed the unexpected way she met her partner, saying it seemed “destiny.”

“I pulled into the parking lot, he drove out. That’s the first time we saw each other, but we didn’t meet until a few months after that,” she said.

“I don’t believe in fate… but the timing of it was pretty incredible. We closed our eyes and I felt something.”

Erin’s co-host Hughesy described the mystery man as “like playing rugby league.”

“He’s tall and strong and fit. He’s handsome and he’s got a really deep voice. He’s got a great sense of humor,” he said, adding that the couple look very happy together.”

The former sports reporter who has already had quite a few controversies.

In 2020, Ms Molan spotlighted the harm of cyberbullying and told 60 Minutes when she talked about the horrific abuse she had endured at the hands of online trolls.

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