Trump News – Latest: Ex-President Rashes Election Certification As He Celebrates Arizona Primary Victory

Blake Masters Expected to Win Arizona Senate GOP Nomination

Donald Trump has launched a wide-ranging campaign against proposed reforms to the Electoral Count Act, claiming the attempt to make it more specific is evidence that Mike Pence did indeed have room to remove the certification of electoral college votes on Jan. 6, 2021. to throw.

“Senators are now coming together to reform election law so that a vice president can no longer do what EVERYONE, except certain conservative legal scholars, said shouldn’t be done. So they all lied,” he wrote, adding that Mr. Pence “could have sent fraudulent votes back to state lawmakers in his opinion.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Trump is celebrating several victories for his chosen candidates in the primaries held last night. Blake Masters has won the Republican nomination for the Arizona Senate race. His elected governor in the state, Kari Lake, leads her main opponent by a narrow margin as the vote count continues.

In Missouri, meanwhile, Eric Schmitt defeated Eric Greitens to win the Senate nomination, meaning Mr. Trump’s endorsement of “Eric” proved to be a safe bet.


Rusty Bowers out

Among the anti-Trump Republicans brought out last night was Rusty Bowers, the Arizona State House Speaker, who testified at a Jan. 6 public hearing of the committee earlier this summer, describing how Rudy Giuliani and others in Trump’s job to pressure him into taking actions he knew were illegal to undo the 2020 election.

In an interview last weekend, Mr. Bowers criticized not only Mr. Trump, but also his Republican followers for their fetishization of cruelty and authoritarianism.

“They rule through violence and intimidation,” he said. “So you know, they’ve found a niche, they’ve found a way and it’s fear, and people can use fear, demagogues like to use fear as a weapon. And they arm everything, and we all know that. But that’s not leadership for me to use force.”

Here’s what Mr Trump had to say about the primary result on Truth Social:

“David Farnsworth defeated RINO Rusty Bowers in Arizona SD 10.64% to 36%. It was a race they said couldn’t be won, but it was easy to win. People didn’t believe Rusty Bowers when he testified before the Unselect Committee. Congratulations David, great job!”


Anti-Trump Republicans Debating Colleague Primary Loss

Adam Kinzinger, a Republican congressman serving on the Jan. 6 selection committee, has spoken out in his criticism of Democrats’ strategy of boosting extreme congressional candidates in selected GOP primaries in an effort to pick their weakest opponent.

After Peter Meijer, who voted to impeach Trump over the Capitol riots, lost his primary last night, Mr. Kinzinger took to CNN to reiterate his stance on the subject — one that many Democrats are wary of firing. play, agree with him.

He was soon contradicted by former Congressman Joe Walsh, a former Tea Partier turned furious Trump critic, who argued that Republicans can only blame themselves. But Mr Kinzinger has none of it:


Trump: Electoral Count Act Reform Efforts Prove Pence Could Have Undo the Election

Former President Donald Trump claims Senate attempt to clarify how Congress counts electoral votes after a presidential election, evidence is that his baseless theories about how former Vice President Mike Pence could have destroyed the 2020 election for him are not so were unfounded, as almost all renowned legal scholars have said.

Mr. Trump took to his Truth Social platform Wednesday to offer his views on the proposed legislation, which is sponsored by Republican Senator Susan Collins of Maine, Democratic Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia and a bipartisan group of 14 other senators.

“Senators are now coming together to reform election law so that a vice president can no longer do what EVERYONE, except certain conservative legal scholars, said shouldn’t be done. So they all lied,” he wrote, adding that Mr. Pence “could have sent fraudulent votes back to state lawmakers in his opinion.”

Read more from below Andrew Feinberg.


Blake Masters wins AZ Senate primary

Venture capitalist Blake Masters won the Republican Senate nomination in Arizona after the endorsement of former President Donald Trump catapulted him to the front of the pack of candidates.

Masters defeated Attorney General Mark Brnovich and businessman Jim Lamon in the Republican primary on Tuesday. Mr Masters gained attention after he posted ads saying he believed the former president had won the 2020 presidential election.

He also enjoys the backing of venture capitalist and Trump ally Peter Thiel, his corporate mentor and for whom he worked as chief operating officer of Thiel Capital. Mr. Thiel poured millions into Arizona, most notably at least $5 million into Saving Arizona’s political action committee.


GOP Congressman Condemns Saudi-Backed Golf Series Held at Trump Resort

Chip Roy, a Texas congressman who first joined the bid to nullify the 2020 election but later turned sour, has reversed Donald Trump’s decision to close the Saudi-backed LIV Gulf. series – an event that provoked the outrage of families of 9/11 survivors:


Trump demands more credit for approval success

Hungry as ever for approval and praise, Donald Trump last night gave “truth” about the success of many (note: not all) of his supporters — and typically complaining that he’s not getting the credit he deserves:

(Truth Social)


GOP Congressman Who Voted to Impeach Trump Loses Primary

Representative Peter Meijer, one of 10 House Republicans who voted to impeach former President Donald Trump last year, lost his primary in Michigan’s 3rd district to challenger John Gibbs, who supported Mr Trump.

Meijer was first elected in 2020 to replace Rep. Justin Amash, an independent Republican who voted to impeach Trump during the former president’s first trial in 2019.

Gibbs won with 51.8 percent of Mr. Meijer’s 48.2 percent, with more than half of the votes reported.


Pat Cipollone Sued In DoJ Jan 6 Provisional

Former Trump White House adviser Pat Cipollone is reportedly in talks to appear before the federal grand jury that will overturn Mr Trump’s bid to reverse the 2020 election and the January 6 Capitol attack. investigates.

According to ABC News, Mr. Cipollone has received a subpoena from the District of Columbia Grand Jury. His lawyers are “expected to be involved in negotiations for each appearance as they weigh concerns about possible claims of executive privilege”.

Last month, Mr Cipollone testified before the House select committee on Jan. 6 after negotiations between his lawyers and committee representatives. His agreement with the panel allowed him to decline to answer questions about talks with Mr Trump.

Andrew Feinberg has the story.


ICYMI: Trump is a ‘significant impediment’ to GOP Senate opportunities, polls show

A recent poll commissioned by the political action committee of former Trump adviser John Bolton found the former president’s name remains toxic among independent voters.

Read the full story here:


Nail biter in Arizona’s gubernatorial primary

Donald Trump may have had a comfortable win with Blake Masters, but Arizona’s other headline race is looking much tighter. With 80 percent of the vote counted, Kari Lake, the ex-president’s fervent right-wing backer, is currently less than two points ahead of her main rival, Karrin Taylor Robson.

Ms. Lake has caused controversy not only because she relentlessly promotes false conspiracy theories about the 2020 election, but also because she has drastically changed her views on social issues, including gender identity, to suit the anti-drag, anti-trans and in-laws. the general anti-LGBT+ tendency of the current conservative movement.

Johanna Chisholm has more on Ms. Lake’s metamorphosis.

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