The strangest simulators in gaming

Within gaming, there are genres to satisfy every type of gamer, and the simulation genre is one of the most popular as it allows players to try out professions and activities that are inaccessible to them in their normal lives. Consequently, games like Microsoft Flight Simulator and Train Simulator have grown over the years, offering an increasingly realistic experience with each new release.

For any simulation with an easy-to-understand appeal, there are countless titles whose existence is mind-boggling, yet have become indie hits nonetheless. From the crazy antics of Goat Simulator to the zen-like tranquility of Lawn Mowing Simulator, many titles contradict what gamers usually expect from simulators, with entertaining results. Subverting the genre and playing on gamers’ expectations, some of the weirdest simulators in gaming have created some truly unique gaming moments.


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The world of everyday task simulators

While many gamers are drawn to the world of simulation games to try something they may not be able to in the real world, there are plenty of simulators for gamers who want to devote their time to more mundane tasks. The appeal of such games may not be apparent at first, but they are not intended to be particularly engaging or exciting. Rather, they are meant to be busy killing time, perhaps listening to a podcast or just thinking about life.

Skyhook Games Deals Lawn Mowing Simulator, a series of licensed lawnmowers game that allows gamers to turn lawn mowing into an art. The game is set in Great Britain and players can enjoy the beautiful backdrop of the British countryside while mowing the perfect lawn. Gamers looking for a laid-back experience can also pick up FutureLab’s PowerWash Simulator which instructs players to clean buildings and objects. While the game starts out fairly simple, it can get more complex as players progress and take on different clients.

There is also Parking Simulator from Sloppy Studios, which focuses on the end of every trip and the part most drivers loathe. In Parking Simulator, players can park sedans, SUVs, and hatchbacks, and VR support allows players to be as immersed as possible in the parking experience. Other notable everyday simulators include the bus simulator franchise, de Farming Simulator franchise, and unpacking

Be everything you want to be

Simulation games are also attractive because they allow players to try out professions that they don’t have in normal life. However, some games have strived to simulate the rarest and most niche jobs. For those who don’t have a squeamish stomach, there’s: Operation Simulator† It doesn’t aim for realism, but instead offers a humorous experience of splitting organs to keep patients alive. For the ultimate job simulation there is: task simulatora VR game with a range of jobs for players to try including chef, mechanic and even office worker.

When gamers are done trying out different jobs, they can even have the experience of being different animals. Perhaps the most famous – and craziest – example of this is Goat Simulator which, with its clunky physics and embrace of its glitchy nature, managed to become a bit of an internet star, especially among streamers, due to its absurd premise. For players who prefer things a little wilder, there is Cheetah Simulator, allowing gamers to survive on the grassy plains. To prove they’re the big cat, players must show their villainous side by hunting and fending off bigger predators like lions.

For most, video games are an opportunity for escapism and a way to escape, at least for a while, from the mundane aspects of life. Simulation games can provide that and much more, as they also allow players to look at everyday life through a revamped lens. While tasks like mowing the lawn may seem boring at first, it takes on a whole new life when framed around the idea of ​​trying to be the best lawnmower there ever was.

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