The Loop: Nick Kyrgios looks back on Wimbledon defeat, Jason Roberts is cleared of police murders and a hiker films a massive avalanche

Hi there. To be Monday 11 July and you’re reading The Loop, a brief summary of today’s news.

Let’s start here: Kyrgios looks back on his Wimbledon campaign

In case you missed it – Nick Kyrgios lost the Wimbledon men’s singles final to Serbia Novak Djokovic in the early morning hours (Australian time), after four hard-fought sets.

After the match, the Australian looked back on the efforts of Djokovic, whom he had never lost.

“Hats off to him,” Kyrgios said.

“That was a great game. I thought I was serving well. I put myself in a position to win, but I just couldn’t play those clutch points well today.”

Kyrgios said the hardest thing for him was the relentless pressure from Djokovic.

“At big moments, it felt like he was never upset,” Kyrgios said.

“I feel like that’s his greatest strength. He just looks inside himself all the time.”

On Instagram, Kyrgios said his run at the tournament was a “hell of a ride”.


Today we heard a lot about COVID-19 boosters and variants

Here are a few things to know:

  • As of today, Australians over 30 are eligible for a fourth COVID-19 vaccine dose
  • The country’s expert vaccine advisory body, ATAGI, says it recommends: anyone over 50 should receive a fourth dose
  • ATAGI says the number of people with the virus has increased in recent months and new Omicron sub-variants worsen the number of diseases
  • People are re-infected sooner than before amid the rise of the BA.4 and BA.5 strains, Australia’s top public health officials have recommended shortening the period in which a COVID-positive person is considered immune after infection from 12 weeks to 28 days

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Australians over 30 are eligible for the fourth dose of COVID vaccine.

News you may have missed

  • Former senior bureaucrat Jenny West has told a NSW parliamentary inquiry into how she was offered the $500,000-a-year role as state commerce commissioner to the US before the offer was withdrawn and the job controversially offered to former deputy prime minister John Barilaro† Here are five key moments from the evidence Ms. West gave today, and here’s when she said she was told the position was “a gift for someone.”
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Former preferred trade candidate says she was told the position was “a gift for someone.”
  • Former teacher in Sydney Chris Dawson now awaits a verdict after his lengthy murder trial, with the judge saying he hopes to make a ruling “relatively soon”. Dawson pleaded not guilty to the murder of his first wife, Lynette Dawson, who disappeared from the northern beaches of the city in January 1982.

This is what Australia was looking for online

  • Jason Roberts† The Melbourne man, charged in 1998 with the murder of two Victorian police officers, has been released from prison for the first time in decades after being acquitted in a new trial. Today, after three months and 91 witnesses, a jury has found him not guilty of the murders of Sergeant Gary Silk and Senior Officer Rodney Miller.
A man in a suit.
Jason Roberts leaves court after being acquitted of the 1998 murders of police officers Gary Silk and Rodney Miller.ABC news
  • NSW flag† The New South Wales government has reversed its decision to spend approximately $25 million to install a new flagpole that would permanently fly the Aboriginal flag on the Sydney Harbor Bridge. Following the public response, the government will now replace the bridge’s existing NSW state flag with the Aboriginal flag, saying it will allocate money it would have used for a new flagpole to Indigenous initiatives
The Aboriginal flag and the Australian flag atop a large structure
The Aboriginal flag will fly permanently next to the Australian flag atop the Sydney Harbor Bridge. AAP: Bianca De Marchic

One more thing: check out these images of an avalanche in Kyrgyzstan

Images of a huge avalanche in KyrgyzstanThe Tian Shan Mountains have gone viral, and for good reason.

The video, shared by tractor Harry Shimmin on Instagram, shows snow and rocks descending a distant mountain before reaching hikers who were forced to take cover.

“When it was over, the adrenaline rush hit me hard. I was just covered in a small layer of snow, without a scratch. I felt dizzy,” Shimmin wrote in his post.

“I knew the rest of the group was further away from the avalanche, so it should be fine… Only later did we realize how lucky we had been. If we had walked five minutes further on our journey, we would all have being dead. “

Here’s the clip in all its terrifying glory:


You are informed!

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