The gaming chair to beat in 2022?

Gaming chairs are all the rage for PC gamers right now, and Corsair (NASDAQ:CRSR) was one of the first to offer a fully customizable model that leans more toward ergonomics than the back-pain-inducing models of a decade ago. The TC200 is the latest model from the company and aims to provide a larger, more casual space to sit in, with the leatherette TC200 in white/grey featured here.

This $400 chair is suitable for both the taller person and those who want to sit cross-legged or with one knee on their lap. For anyone slim and the south side of about 5ft 10in you might find it too big, but the side cushions do a good job of providing support even if you are closer to this lower limit. As you would expect from a chair at this price, both the entire chair and only the backrest can tilt, the armrests are fully

It is available in black or a combination of gray and white, as well as in material or synthetic leather. For anyone who has a bright, clean office, the white model is definitely where it is, with a washable faux leather that may offer the best long-term durability, but the gray fabric looks very sophisticated, although you should avoid that energy drink. spilled.

Construction is relatively simple, with a five-star base, caster wheels, gas spring plus seat, back and arm sections to build, but it’s worth remembering not to activate the tilt lever until you’ve secured the backrest to the chair. This is essentially spring loaded and will be pretty good for trying to amputate your hand if you activate it with no load, although you will have the same problem with any recline seat.

As soon as you sit down, it’s clear that the chair has been designed for comfort, with a seat that is softer, soft to the touch and has a good depth for the cushion. It’s certainly softer than many chairs out there, but you don’t feel like you’ve fallen in. It is certainly a chair for the larger person too, with more width on the back and seat compared to most chairs.

The armrests provide soft, textured cushions for your elbows and are adjustable in height, width, forward position and can also be tilted inward. Again, if you’re significantly south of six feet, you’ll probably find they’re too wide to provide decent support while typing, but you can tilt them in to limit this.

The seat also has a head cushion, while the lumbar support is left to a reinforced section on the underside of the backrest. This isn’t really the job of providing adequate lumbar support for prolonged sitting, so anyone concerned about that will need to invest in additional support. Other seats go a step further here, with a cushion or adjustable lumbar support, but few get it right.

It would have been good to see at least a pillow to provide extra support here. Corsair itself states that the seat is designed to be more casual, but the lack of decent lumbar support is at odds with the excellent support and adjustment elsewhere on the seat and my lower back didn’t feel as snug and supported as I would have liked.


What impressed me most about the Corsair TC200 is how smart it looks. My leatherette copy had clean lines, great build quality, and even the casters had white ring walls in large glossy housings. If you have a bright, light-colored office, it fits right in.

Apart from that, it is very comfortable with a soft, supportive base and is just as adjustable as other gaming chairs. While $400 is a lot for a gaming chair it’s something you’ll be using every time you sit on your PC and it’s actually cheaper than comparable examples from the likes of noblechairs and certainly beats your typical sub $250 model on build quality and customization .

My only complaint is the average lumbar support and many will need to add a pillow or special support here to sit comfortably for longer gaming sessions. If you can look past it, it should definitely be on your shortlist if you’re looking for a premium gaming chair.

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