Stumble Guys, a Fall Guys mobile knock-off, has made a lot of money

A Finnish game developer launched a clone of the popular game Fall Guys and it makes hundreds of thousands of dollars a day.

Stumble Guys is a near-clone of Fall Guys, the world-renowned PC and console game that took the world by storm early in the pandemic. Its only upside is that it’s available on mobile, where Fall Guys has yet to launch.

This kind of extremely obvious scam is common in mobile games, as recently reported by GLHF editor Kirk McKeand.

They range from making no money at all to exactly what happened here – they hit the top of the charts and the natural power of the massive gaming crowd takes them the rest of the way.

Since its launch, according to Appmagic data reported by, it has earned $21.5 million ($A40 million) from 163 million downloads.

That excludes the 30 percent cut that Apple and Google, as usual, and any third-party stores have made.

It is currently the number one free game on the iOS app store in the US and UK, and the 7th and 8th respectively on Android.

The release proceeded the same as these games usually do, a few weeks after Fall Guys – just enough time to prototype – and a few months later worldwide.

Heavy download spikes hit towards the end of 2021, which MobileGamer attributes to user acquisition spending.

As seen in this trailer, their inspirations are as subtle as the name implies:

Sales peaked hard in April and have grown steadily since then, now at about $300,000 ($A445,000) a day.

Decent pocket money.

— written by GLHF

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