New Robocop and Terminator games coming to PC, consoles

A cover of the comic series RoboCop vs Terminator

A cover of the comic series RoboCop vs Terminator
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Publisher Nacon today announced a number of new games, including: RoboCop: Rogue Cityan emerging FPS starring the famous 80s cyborg police officer, and Terminator Survival Projecta survival game set in the bleak, machine-ruled future of that universe.

Let’s talk RoboCop First: Intended for both PC and consoles (PS5 & Xbox Series X|S), it is being developed by Teyon, the studio responsible for Terminator: Resistor (I’m detecting a pattern here). Here’s the pitch:

Welcome to Detroit; crime abounds, the city on the brink of destruction. As things continue to descend into chaos, the solution is you, a cyborg officer, RoboCop. And it wouldn’t feel right without Peter Weller playing this part again. Become the RoboCop in June 2023! Coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

RoboCop is a classic sci-fi action-adventure and one of Hollywood’s most iconic movie franchises of all time. NACON and Teyon team up with MGM to develop an authentic RoboCop gaming experience true to the DNA of the franchise, while immersing gamers in an original story that allows them to play as none other than RoboCop himself. . In the RoboCop movie, when good cop Alex Murphy is mortally wounded by ruthless criminals, innovative doctors are able to reassemble him as an unstoppable crime-fighting cyborg named ‘RoboCop’.

There’s good news for fans of the original movies: the Alex Murphy you’ll be playing will not only look like actor Peter Weller — who “promised to be the model for the game’s protagonist” — but will also let his voice be heard. hear, meaning you get the most authentic “dead or alive, you’re coming with me” you can get.

Here’s the game’s trailer, which not only features gameplay – I like the implementation of the original movie’s target-lock-on visuals – but also shows that this looks like the kind of linear single-player shooter where we just can’t get enough in this day and age.

RoboCop: Rogue City | Reveal gameplay

It was also announced Terminator: Survival Projectwhich I’ll spend a lot less time on as they only showed a short teaser trailer and said it’s “coming to PC and consoles in the distant future”.

Terminator Survival Project | Reveal trailer

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