MasterChef Australia Final: Judging Success Before Winner Announcement

Things were looking pretty bad for MasterChef when it launched its 14th season. But it really turned his fortunes around.

It doesn’t matter who wins the MasterChef final tonight, Channel 10’s signature competition series has already taken a surprising win.

Despite a slow start in the ratings, Chef has had a revival as it winds its way to its bittersweet ending.

On Monday night, the show drew a metro audience of 693,000, the highest ratings for a non-news program. It surpassed Australian Ninja Warrior‘s grand finale, which attracted 560,000 metro viewers.

The result is a significant improvement for Chefwhich hovered in the 400,000 mark earlier in the season and sometimes dropped to the 300,000 mark, especially for the non-competitive MasterClass payments.

It started to top the entertainment charts as it approached the spiked end of the season and once The voice had packed for the year.

The 14th season premiered to 545,000 metro viewers in April on the same night as Channel 7 launched The voice† The singing reality show outclassed the aspiring chefs and was ahead of nearly 300,000 viewers.

MasterChef’s current season is Fans vs Favorites, a concept where returning participants compete against newbies. There were 12 chefs on each side and the more famous roster includes names like Julie Goodwin, Sashi Celia and Tommy Pham.

The two finalists competing for the $250,000 prize are both from the Favorites side, Billie McKay and Sarah Todd.

Of the two, McKay has the more high-profile histories. After winning series seven, McKay was hired by Heston Blumenthal for his three Michelin star restaurant, The Fat Duck, in Berkshire, UK. When she returned to Australia, McKay continued her family’s cheese-making traditions on their dairy farm.

Todd finished ninth in the sixth season and since her first time on the show, she now owns two eateries in India and has published two cookbooks and appears in cooking shows. She previously studied at Le Cordon Bleu.

On last night’s penultimate episode, third-placed contestant Daniel Lamble was eliminated after a three-course meal that included a disastrous attempt at dessert.

He put his tartine on the plate without the sorbet when the icy component stayed too long in the blast chiller, turning it into an unusable icy block.

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