Kylie Minogue shares fragment of Neighbor’s cameo on Instagram

Australian music icon Kylie Minogue has shared a clip of her time on set after returning to Neighbors earlier this year.

Kylie Minogue has shared a snippet of her time on set after returning to Neighbors earlier this year.

The pop star posted a photo next to actor Jason Donovan, along with a signed Ramsay Street sign in her latest Instagram update.

“Now we’re back together,” she said.

Minogue teased her involvement in the Neighbors final on May 1, and shared a close-up photo of a script to her Instagram account. The visible details show that the scene takes place outside and shows both Scott and Charlene.

The moment would give millions of diehard Neighbors fans a lock on how the young couple fared after their televised wedding on July 1, 1987 was watched by two million Australians.

Their union was an even bigger attraction when it aired in the UK a year later, drawing 19.6 million viewers.

After their marriage, the characters left Erinsborough and moved to Brisbane.

Minogue and Donovan, who were dating at the time, were household names in both countries, and each embarked on music careers in the UK.

On the show, Minogue, who retired from Neighbors in June 1988, became the first person to win four Logie Awards in one year and the youngest ever winner of a Gold Logie.

Fans have reacted with joy to Kylie’s latest message.

“So excited to see this,” one said.

‘So glad you went back! It wouldn’t have been a happy ending.”

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