Gaming fans look forward to Gen Con 2022 in Indy – WISH-TV | Indianapolis News | Weather in Indiana

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Mark Godin and Tracy O’Shea have been coming all the way from Canada to Gen Con in Indianapolis for five years now.

O’Shea says she likes Gen Con more than other conventions, including Comic Con.

“Gen Con has all that, and then every aspect of every game and everything that can be associated with a game,” said O’Shea.

Godin says he thinks it’s really something everyone should check out. “Even if you’re not into gaming, it’s definitely a place to visit. It’s something on the bucket list, you just have to come and see it.”

The four-day event at the Indiana Convention Center from Thursday through Sunday is filled with costumes, exhibits and, of course, lots and lots of gaming.

“I’m very much D&D (Dungeons & Dragons). I like 3.5. The Bob Ross games have my heart too,” O’Shea said.

“I’m also a D&D guy. I like table games and video games,” Godin said.

If you don’t understand something they’re talking about, that’s okay. Godin and O’Shea say there are plenty of people to help you.

“We’ve been here for a few hours and met six people,” O’Shea said.

“You can literally walk down the street, be interviewed, talk to people. The atmosphere is great,” said Godin.

The atmosphere is also why Christine Allen and her granddaughter, Quinn Snyder, are in Indianapolis. Quinn said, “This is the ‘cool grandma’. She does a lot of conventions and this year I was invited to join Gen Con.”

Allen says it’s definitely a family affair now. “It’s actually pretty cool to have my grandchild here because he’s my only grandchild and it’s nice to be able to share something.”

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