Digimon Survive’s Choice system would be great for Pokemon games

Digimon Survival Already establishing itself as a pretty unique game in the franchise due to its story, which can take a few dark twists depending on the choices players make in the chapters. This is because this story addresses themes of survival, empathy, and how morality or direct action can change the course of events, sometimes even leading to Digimon Survival characters get killed, shake up the party and affect the ending. This feature alone provides the game with a high replayability value, as players can be wary and behave differently in another playthrough to explore the potentially diverse storylines that the game has to offer.


although Digimon Survival‘s choice system can be predictable and is far from perfect, the approach to the game and the franchise as a whole makes it feel like a more mature entry into the series, something that pokemon games can also stand to explore. Separate from Pokemon Black and White and their Gen 5 sequels, mainline pokemon games are known for their more kid-friendly story that doesn’t dwell on heavy themes or sweeping choices, but Digimon Survival proves that this can change. A universal story about the bond between humans and their monstrous companion can challenge itself, and that’s what pokemon can learn from Digimon Survival.

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Digimon Survive’s darker story and choices could match new Pokemon games

Digimon Survival is a darker spin on the series, which otherwise often features children as human protagonists, while the latest entry in the franchise tells a story in which the characters are young adults. This could be one of the reasons why Pokemon Black and White or Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 resonated more with players, as the characters weren’t the usual 10-year-olds from other main games; instead, they are outspoken about wanting to be treated like adults.

Gen 5 pokemon games are more of a coming-of-age story than the rest of the franchise. Digimon Survival feels the same as it is about a group of friends coping with the rigors of life in a world that isn’t always fair and just. Instead, the harsh reality of Digimon Survival, in addition to the visual novel approach guided by a choice system, is what sets the game apart from its kind, and therefore a Pokemon game that takes inspiration from it could do the same. Characters who die or the protagonists who barely survive an unwelcome world don’t have to be part of the pokemon universe, but impactful choices could.

There are many sad moments in pokemon games, but they’re often hidden in side missions or dialogue from otherwise unimportant characters, and while they’re a good way to deal with these themes, they’re not enough for an older audience to invest in the story. A pokemon game that also puts a bit of emphasis on the story has been in the planning for a long time, and Pokemon Legends: Arceus were already using a darker story and approach to gameplay than the main games ever did.

It only makes sense to apply the same concept to similar games in the future, even as a one-off experiment for a non-main title, or something more akin to the tones of some Pokemon Mystery Dungeon spell. A choice system that still explores morality, not unlike that of Digimon Survivalcan be of great value to the pokemon franchisee. At the moment there are rumors that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet could look like Detroit: Become Human to some extent through branching story paths. If true, this single feature could revolutionize the franchise and add more replayability value to Gen 9 games than ever before, making them comparable to Digimon Survival into how they work.

Digimon Survival is available for PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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