Custom Initial D x Nike Dunk sneakers are just gorgeous

Custom Dunks

While the Dunk craze is definitely reaching its saturation point, I was in Sydney earlier this week and it felt like 40% of kids rocked pandas– there’s always room for innovation and great design work on the decades-old shoe. It just doesn’t always have to come from Nike itself.

Ng Poh Hian from Singapore aka Bob, is one of the world’s best sneaker customizershe took official shoes and cut them out, changed colors and added details to create his own sought-after releases.

His label, No idea*has been dressing up (and dressing) sneakers like the Air Force 1, Dunks, Blazers, Converse All-Stars, and Vans sk8 (to name a few) for years, but it’s his latest effort, a pair of Dunks based on the manga/ anime series Initial Dwhat I want to look at today.

Based entirely on Takumi Fujiwara’s Toyota Sprinter, they are not exact shout “I’m a sneaker based on an old, beloved manga”, but anyone who knows the car/series knows immediately what the deal is. The colors are perfect, the text on the heel is needed, the badge stamped on the midsole is a nice touch and I For real like the little orange tag to display the indicators.

Here’s a look at the shoe and car together to give you an idea of ​​what’s being borrowed for the tribute:

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And here’s a mockup of what the shoe would look like in real life:

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When these were first shown on the label’s Instagram page a few days ago, Bob said “this is a sneaker concept design” and that they were “unavailable at the moment”.

However, the public reception has been so overwhelmingly positive since those first images that there are now details on availability† Bob has since posted a new post teasing a September release:

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As for getting your hands on a pair, well, it’s 2022, you should already know what to expect, but I’ll spell it out anyway. Because these are customs, you don’t rely on the regular (and utterly broken) store-to-StockX pipeline; instead of these are purchased directly from Bob, albeit within a very short timeframe and for a lot of money

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