Countries other than China supplying the Australian AdBlue ingredient, the government says:

Despite concerns from transportation and agricultural groups about domestic supplies of the essential ingredient used to make AdBlue, the federal government has taken steps to allay fears of a shortage.

AdBlue is the common and commercial name for Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), an anti-pollution agent that is essential for most modern diesel engines, including those in trucks and some agricultural machinery.

In a statement to the ABC, the Department of Climate Change, Energy, Environment and Water said the DEF market is currently well supplied and there are no projected shortages.

DEF is made from refined urea.

Until last year, most of this main ingredient came from China.

When supply changes caused a shortage of the critical product in late 2021, the Morrison government put nearly $30 million into Incitec Pivot (IPL) to increase domestic urea production at its Queensland plant.

IPL will close its Gibson Island facility at the end of the year due to its failure to secure an affordable raw material gas supply to the East Coast gas market.

Gibson Island factory is located in Brisbane.
The Gibson Island plant will increase its refined urea production under a new deal with the federal government.Supplied: Incitec Pivot

With this imminent shutdown, the transport and agricultural sectors are once again concerned about the future supply.

However, a spokesperson for the department said the sector now has additional supply chain diversity from countries other than China.

Long-term state-owned solutions needed

Outspoken federal MP Bob Katter said it is unacceptable for the Australian transport sector to be completely dependent on an imported product.

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