Commonwealth Games 2022 live: Jack Laugher wins second diving gold in 24 hours

Ggood morning all! Before we kick off day eight of the Games, let’s recap yesterday’s action! We finished the day with a total of 118 medals (42 gold, 44 silver and 32 bronze), putting us firmly in second place and just 14 behind Australia!

The most eventful moment of the day was Thomas Geraint’s fall in the early moments of the men’s time trial! Despite the crash and bloody knees, he won bronze in the race, adding nicely to his already 18 medals!

When asked about the crash later, he said, “I’ve done the reconnaissance in traffic, so it’s basically pretty pointless other than knowing where the ramps and descents are,”

“It’s my fault. I thought ‘it’s a swipe to the left,’ but suddenly there are barriers in the way and their legs are sticking out, and it’s ‘Oh s—!’ I’ve had a good habit of trying to refocus in time trials when something went wrong It’s frustrating but at the end of the day you know when that happens it’s good to go home with a medal go,” he said.

Yesterday the first day of diving started with the 1m springboard for men and the 10m platform for women! Commonwealth Champion Jack Laugher didn’t disappoint as he won his third consecutive 1m springboard title at the Games, and sixth overall at the tournament! Rising star Jordan Houlden also impressed, winning bronze on his Olympic debut!

The next 17-year-old Andrea Spendolini Siriex stunned the audience when she won gold! Her father, ‘First Dates’ star Fred Siriex, topped the standings with 20 points and looked overjoyed from the stands. Lois Mae Toulson finished behind her and won a well deserved silver medal to add to her collection!

The day ended nicely with Lawrence Okeye taking silver in the men’s discus throw on his first return to the Games since leaving the NFL, and England beating New Zealand by ten goals! This puts them at the top of the group and advances to the semi-finals where they face Australia.

Stay tuned for today’s action!

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