Big Brother Australia: Final Three Announced After Taras Curveball Decision

Only three Big Brother housemates have been left to face the final after one was sent home at the last minute following a curveball decision.

After a grueling 62 days in the house, Reggie, Brenton, Johnson and Taras were left.

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When Challenge Beast Taras won the final challenge, he had the monumental power to select the other two housemates to advance to the grand finale.

The selection required much deliberation, as the winner must be voted in full to the public.

“It feels weird, I’m in the top three,” Taras told Big Brother as he made his “hardest decision yet,” deciding who to evict.

Housemates Johnson, Taras, Reggie and Brenton. Credit: NIGEL WRIGHTseven

While Taras was talking to Big Brother, the other three housemates had a debriefing, assuring each other that they had “not made a deal” with Taras.

Reggie said to them, “I doubt he’ll keep me after…”

The roommate referred to her last-minute change of voice on Sunday night’s episode when she chose to save Johnson over Aleisha — in defiance of her promise to Taras.

Reggie later said she thought it would be “payback” and that Taras would hold her “accountable”.

Taras during the eviction. Credit: NIGEL WRIGHTseven

Meanwhile, Johnson also lacked confidence, as Taras has campaigned candidly for Johnson’s eviction, nominating both Johnson and Aleisha in Sunday’s episode, in the hopes that Johnson would be voted out.

“There are pros and cons for all of us,” Johnson said.

“Two of us will be happy today, and one of us will be beside ourselves.”

Back in the journal room, Taras made up his mind.

Taras makes his decision. Credit: seven

‘Struggle every day’

“There’s three people out there who went through so much from the outside to get in, and they came in here and they fought,” he began.

“Reggie fights every day with her eyes, she fights every day when she thinks about her children.

“Johnson fights every day to be the best and biggest superfan, fights every day just to love his family.

“Brenton fights every day to fit in, he’s come half way here to fit in, make a point and take a stand. Fighting for his wife and his unborn baby.”

Johnson, Reggie and Brenton await the results. Credit: NIGEL WRIGHTseven

Taras called the decision “breaking someone’s dream”.

When the eviction time comes, Taras said the “last step feels different from evicting someone – you bring two people in and leave someone behind”.

After all the housemates made their final pleas and Taras cast his vote, host Sonia Kruger broke the news.

“It’s time to go… Brenton.”

Brenton learns of his eviction. Credit: NIGEL WRIGHTseven

After the news was released, the housemates stood in silence, “shocked” by the decision.

“I don’t know what to say,” Reggie said.

Meanwhile, Johnson walked over to Taras for a hug, shocked that he had been put through.

“Thank you so much,” Johnson said.

As Brenton left, he took Taras’s face in his hands and said, “Great move”, while telling Johnson, “You deserve this bro”.

Brenton hugs Taras goodbye. Credit: NIGEL WRIGHTseven

Shocking news

And just like that, Big Brother 2022 had its last three, Reggie, Johnson and Taras.

Brenton later said: 7Entertainment only that he was “seriously shocked” by Taras’ decision.

Taras had been trying to get Johnson out for weeks. I couldn’t believe my ears when Sonia called my name,” he said.

Johnson, on the other hand, called his latest scramble “s***”, admitting that “I didn’t think it would be” that Taras would take him to the end.

The last three celebrate. Credit: NIGEL WRIGHTseven

“I thought I was going… I was shocked,” Johnson said 7Entertainment

“I was expecting Sonia to say my name…I couldn’t believe it.”

Reggie said, “I thought I was a goner. Because Taras was mad at me for the move I made to get Aleisha out, and he was really hurt and upset about that move.

“And I thought, there’s no way to go through hell.”


‘It’s his dream’

Reggie added: “When? [Taras] evicted Brenton I was just shocked. Absolutely shocked, I couldn’t believe it.”

Explaining his surprising decision to evict Brenton, Taras told Taras: 7Entertainment: “As soon as I won that last challenge, I knew exactly what I had to do.

“It hurt me so much because I thought, ‘I have to take Johnson and Reggie to the end’.

“They’re both people I think can beat me very easily, but I still have to do it.”

The housemates celebrate in the garden. Credit: NIGEL WRIGHTseven

Taras remembered crying to Big Brother when he decided to do what his heart told him.

“I don’t want to do it, I want to give myself the best chance of winning,” he said.

“How the hell do you beat Reggie?”

Taras said Johnson deserved to be there at the end because it was his “dream”.

“He played such a good game and I thought he deserved to be there even if it means I lose,” he said.

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