Baby suspected of having COVID-19 dies while waiting in Victorian emergency department

A one-year-old child has died in a hospital’s emergency department as pressure mounts on the Victorian health system with COVID-19 and flu cases rise.

The one-year-old, suspected of being COVID-19 positive, died Monday in the emergency department of Geelong University Hospital in western Victoria.

In response, the hospital’s management said, “Barwon Health extends its deepest condolences and condolences to the child’s family and loved ones. This is a difficult time for everyone involved.”

Victoria’s health system is under immense pressure. (Nine)

The hospital installed a barometer in the ED in 2019 to show how busy it is in the ED.

Pre-pandemic the longest wait was about 45 minutes, now the wait is up to 13 hours in the same emergency department.

In eastern Victoria, West Gippsland Healthcare CEO Dan Weeks has confirmed Warragul Hospital is full.

“We’re full and we have an emergency department full of patients that we need to take in and we don’t have beds to take them in too,” he said.

In central Melbourne, the Royal Melbourne Hospital has eased some restrictions after experiencing a 30 percent rise in COVID-19 hospitalizations in the past week.

Patients are now allowed to receive two visitors for up to two hours a day and everyone must wear N95 masks.

A coronavirus cluster is engulfing the Royal Melbourne Hospital with at least seven patients, staff and visitors testing positive.
The restrictions have returned at the Royal Melbourne Hospital. (Delivered)

There are now more than 600 Victorian COVID-19 hospitalizations – the highest number since the summer wave.

Nearly 34,000 cases of flu have also been registered so far this year.

Yesterday, the new Victorian Health Secretary Mary-Anne Thomas did not rule out the return of restrictions.

But today, Industry Support and Recovery Minister Ben Carroll was clear that the government is “not considering mandates and lockdowns”.

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