American woman spends $119k on plastic surgery to become ‘human barbie’

A woman who spent $119,000 on plastic surgery to look like a real Barbie doll is candid about her husband’s shocking proposal.

A woman who spent $119,000 to look like a human Barbie doll has revealed that her husband has suggested selling X-rated content online to earn a living.
Marcela Iglesias, 41, from Los Angeles, USA, previously made headlines for revealing that she spent $20,000 on a boob job to emulate her idol, Pamela Anderson.

The model, who has 900,000 followers on Instagram, has now become a hit on the X-rated content site OnlyFans, claiming it’s all thanks to her other half, Steve Berman, 54, who suggested she give it a try.

Now Marcela spends her days chatting with men from all over the world who flood her inbox with defiant requests, but her husband doesn’t mind at all.

“It was my husband who suggested we create an OnlyFans account,” says Marcela, who works with clients who transform themselves through extreme surgery.

“He told me to do it so my fans could interact with me and invest some money if they wanted my expert advice.

“He didn’t know how much attention I would get from men who want much more than that.

“At first I was a little skeptical, but now I love the attention.

“Because I look very young, people can’t believe I’m over 35. I love it when they call me a MILF.

“My husband is safe in… our relationship.

“I’m honest with him about the flirty messages I get and the toy boys I talk to, but he doesn’t interfere.

“He knows who I am and who he is and that’s all that matters.”

Although Marcela only created her page a month ago, she has been inundated with positive comments and requests for unique fantasies ever since.

“As I get older, I realize that life is all about happiness and fulfilling desires, so right now I’m living my own fantasies,” she said.

As for the romantic encounters, the model claims that most men only want relationship advice or flirt.

“I enjoy helping people with various problems, such as relationship advice.

“Usually men talk about things their wives don’t do and try to ask me for some suggestions on how to better handle their love life.

“I like solving people’s problems and I notice that many of them are very lonely. Sometimes they just need someone to talk to.

“After they get to know me, they see that I am much more than a pretty face or a shallow person.

“But men often ask me to send them nude photos or videos of myself grabbing my boobs and more, but I don’t – that’s just for me and my husband.

“A guy just wanted me to wear heels for him and show them off on camera, which is one of the weirdest requests I’ve had.”

The self-proclaimed ‘Queen of Hollywood’ works with some of the biggest and best ‘human dolls’ in the world, but has also gone to great lengths to achieve her own unique look.

The mother-of-one has spent $119,000 on cosmetic procedures, including Botox, fillers and cobwebs, where tiny threads are placed in your stomach to tighten the muscles.

Marcela is so open about surgery, she even offered to pay for son Rodrigo’s rhinoplasty.

She has even undergone stem cell injections with her husband, known as the “human Ken doll.”

“When we go out together, people tell us we look like Barbie and Ken because we’re both blonde and have the doll-esque aesthetic,” she said.

“I admire what the doll represents more than how she looks; I have great respect for the image of the Barbie doll.

“I want to encourage all men and women around the world to pursue their dreams and get the look they want.”

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