A ‘kill switch’, pressured Emmanuel Macron, and whistleblower revealed: A quick look at the Uber files

Details have leaked of Uber’s allegedly aggressive “shit storm” tactics to shake up the taxi industry and claim global dominance of ride shares has been leaked.

The whistleblower has spoken out as the fallout hits international leaders, including the French president Emmanuel Macron

Here’s a quick look at the so-called Uber files

What are the big revelations?

These are some of the extraordinary lengths the ride-sharing service used to gain a foothold in nearly 30 countries, where she often pushed without government approval:

  • A “kill switch” to block access to its servers during raids, to thwart regulators and law enforcement
  • Secretly lobbying political leaders on labor laws and other issues, including: Emmanuel Macron when he was Minister of the Economy of France
  • And it used tax havens, including… Bermuda to channel funds and reduce tax bills by millions of dollars, as well as trying to “divert attention” by helping authorities collect taxes from drivers

The files cover: 2013 to 2017at a time of massive expansion for the company under former chief executive Travis Kalanick

Travis Kalanick sits in front of the uber logo with his arms spread wide, with open palms and draws attention to the word UBER
Travis Kalanick helped found Uber in 2009.Reuters: Danish Siddiqui

Kalanick’s personal messages to staff were part of the leak, including those sent during a police raid in Amsterdam

Such “stealth technology” to fend off government investigations was used during raids in at least six countries.

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